Smart encoding

Jthomaze/ décembre 19, 2020/

Smart encoding of 3D-meshes using deep learning. Application to assisted design (IMT, IRIT (équipe Samova), ANITI, Safran Tech) – Décembre 2020

Design a tool for real-time estimation of Navier-Stokes equations around the blades of a turbo-compressor, using reduced order and surrogate models.
Turbine blade geometry is a very critical performance factor in aircraft engines, as they endure extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Therefore simulations involved in their design have to be very fine, which makes them very time-consuming. The aim of the project is to propose a deep learning-based approach to this issue, like a reduced order or surrogate model able to produce an estimation of the RANS solution around the blades, in order to optimize their geometric shape.