Jthomaze/ décembre 19, 2020/

Slant (IRIT (équipe Melodi), INRIA Lille-Nord-Europe (équipe Magnet), Université de Luxembourg (Labo: ICRST)) – Décembre 2020

Analyse du biais linguistique dans les données textuelles.
The SLANT project aims at characterising bias in textual data, either intended, in public reporting, or unintended in writing aiming at neutrality.
An abstract model of biased interpretation using work on discourse structure, semantics and interpretation will be complemented and concretised by finding relevant lexical, syntactic, stylistic or rhetorical differences through an automated but explainable comparison of texts with different biases on the same subject, based on a dataset of news media coverage from a diverse set of sources. We will also explore how our results can help alter bias in texts or remove it from automated representations of texts..