OSIRIM (Observatory of Systems Information Retrieval and Indexing of Multimedia contents) is one of the IRIT platforms. It is a federative project mainly supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the French Government, the Region Midi-Pyrénées and the National Center for the Scientific Research (CNRS).

This platform provides a homogeneous environment for indexing and information retrieval in multimedia contents (text, audio, image, video, digital signal). Its main objectives are:

  • to host scientific projects requiring storage and sharing terabytes of data to perform experiments on these large volumes,
  • to mutualize software tools, especially for the evaluation,
  • to share corpus reference,
  • and to disseminate results.

This platform gathers content sets, evaluation tools, analysis processes, search engines and more with a major goal: offering a mutualisation place where researchers can exchange their knowledge in order to take benefit from results obtained in other laboratories.

The platform is open to researchers and students working in these areas and wishing to use these hardware or software means.

OSIRIM platform is composed of a storage area with a capacity of approximately 1 PB and a cluster of 1120 CPUs and 31 GPUs.