february 2021

Project SUMONN (IRIT (team SIG), Airbus, CERFACS
Machine learning of latent spaces on aeronautical data for reconstruction and simulation.

december 2020

Project SLANT (IRIT (team Melodi), INRIA Lille-Nord-Europe (team Magnet), Université de Luxembourg (Lab: ICRST))
Analysis of linguistic bias in textual data. The SLANT project aims at characterising bias in textual data, either intended, in public reporting, or unintended in writing aiming at neutrality.

december 2020

Project Smart encoding of 3D-meshes using deep learning. Application to assisted design (IMT, IRIT (team Samova), ANITI, Safran Tech)
Design a tool for real-time estimation of Navier-Stokes equations around the blades of a turbo-compressor, using reduced order and surrogate models.

december 2020

Project Multilingual Automatic Survey generation (IRIT (team IRIS))
This project aims to address the problem of automatic multi-lingual abstract/survey generation and deals withthe use of scientific literature as input

october 2020

Project Langues peu dotées (IRIT, MISA Univ Antananarivo (Madagascar ), Addis Ababa University, (Ethiopia))
Tools and resources for processing texts in poorly endowed languages. this involves creating automatic text processing tools (indexing, rooting, etc.) for under-equipped languages such as the languages of Madagascar (Malagasy) or Ethiopia (Amahric).

october 2020

Project CIPAD (IRIT , Institut National Universitaire Jean François Champollion, ISIS Castres)
The objective of the project is the implementation of a connected cane for the elderly. This rod carrying sensors and communicating via a wireless link that consumes little energy has the following objectives: (1) The transmission of high resolution data on the evolution of the user's gait (2) The facilitation of the interfacing between the user and the smart city ecosystem.

august 2020

The project aims to create a general framework for processing medical signals and images to detect bio-medical anomalies and risks. In addition to the framework, the project creates an application for monitoring hypovigilance. The objective is to promote research results by creating a software demonstrator.

july 2020

Project NEOCAMPUS internhip (IRIT - UPS)
The project objective is to simulate a large scale RPis network. Each running an AI algorithm to make a decision: cache the data it sees passing through the network or not. The purpose of the internship is to develop new approaches to routing and collecting data in the IoT infrastructure of neOCampus.

june 2020

The project is linked to the PREVISION project funded by Europe under contract N ° 833115. This project brings together technical partners and users. The platform developed aims to help organizations in charge of security and to detect radicalities and their level.

june 2020

Project SIG-COVID19 (IRIT team SIG, LSIS)
COVID-19 data mining and information retrieval

may 2020

Project Transparens (IRIT team SIG, CHU Toulouse)
Enhancement of medical data on brain injuries through several technologies (classification of brain injuries from MRI images)

may 2020

Project Clone (IRIT, Serious Game Research Lab / Institut National Universitaire Champollion)
Search for anomalies in the course of nursing students in the clone serious game.

may 2020

Project C2C : Car to Cars (IRIT, CLLE, LIRMM, Oktal company)
The C2C project aims to study the innovative issue of collective autonomous and connected vehicles as well as the acceptability and appropriation of the human user of these vehicles and of the human moving in the environment populated by this type of vehicles.

april 2020

Project DeepRad (ANITI, CERCO, ISAE-SUPAERO, IRIT Team SC, NXP Company)
Multiple target extraction, identification and tracking for automotive radar

march 2020

Project SGL Thresh (CERCO - IRIT Samova team)
Surrogate Gradient Learning of Thresholds
The objective is to set optimal thresholds for a multi-label classification problem

january 2020

Project REAM (IRIT ADRIA and MELODI teams)
Explicit Reasoning and Learning in Medical Imaging.

november 2019

Project ANITI - DAML (Université Fédérale de Toulouse MIP)
Combining data assimilation and machine learning techniques for learning under physical constraints..

october 2019

Project Hearvolution (IRIT - Team REVA, AMIS Laboratory UT3)
Identification of positive selection signatures in genes involved in auditory processes at the interspecific scale in human and non-human primates.

october 2019

Toulouse School of Economics
Parallélisation sur GPU des codes pour l'étude d'un modèle de demande à choix discret pour l'économie de l'alimentation.

september 2019

Project Nurisens (IRIT - Team SIG, INSERM I2MC, Innopsys, Keleo Solutions, Flutilliant companies)
Development of data analysis and correlation algorithms for urinary autotests for nutritional monitoring and sports activity.

July 2019

Project DIAMEN (IRIT - Team SIG, CHU Toulouse, ORME Company)
Development of a diagnostic aid tool in cardiac scans of nuclear medicine departments.

may 2019

Project aireps (IRIT - Team MELODI, CERCO Laboratory)
Analysis of semantic representations, comparison of human and AI representations

may 2019

Project dfo4rl (IRIT - Team APO, Lehigh Université (USA))
Development of no derivative optimization algorithms for reinforcement learning.

april 2019

Project Flux Doppler (IRIT - Team MINDS, Université de Tours CHU)
Measurement of blood flow from Doppler signals by ultrafast acquisition

april 2019

Project Néocampus (IRIT)
Training of neural networks for smart sensors. First applications: attendance measurements, detection of Asian hornets at the apiary, ...

march 2019

COOSINET Project (IRIT Team SC - CNES (Toulouse), Thales (Cannes))
Compression Onboard Of Satellite Images using neural NETworks

march 2019

Text mining project on scientific literature (IRIT IRIS team - INIST)
The project aims to apply text mining techniques (in particular word embeddings) on large corpuses of scientific literature (in the order of 20 million texts on ISTEX, for example).

march 2019

Detection of network intrusion & weak signals

march 2019

Project LINTO (LINAGORA company - IRIT (SAMoVA and MELODI teams) - LAAS - Zelros company - LIX (Ecole Polytechnique - Saclay))
Conversational assistant working in a professional environment

march 2019

Project ANR COST (IRIT - CLLE (Toulouse), LIG (Grenoble), LIP6 (Paris))
Modelling Complex Tasks in Information Research

february 2019

Project Image CLEF 2019 (IRIT - Univ. Toulouse 3)
Deep learning for medical data and participation in the CLEF challenge

february 2019

ProjectCallisto (CALMIP)
Tools for Dataset Description

october 2018

Project ClustEdu (IRIT)
Discourse analysis via clustering methods

june 2018

SEPIA Team activity (IRIT)
Scalability of Machine Learning with TensorFlow.

may 2018

Project LF2A (IRIT/CIMI)
Logical Frameworks for Abstract Argumentation.

may 2018

Project DeepEmbryo (IRIT)
Deep Learning on 3D dataset from live embryo.

february 2018

Project Deforestation (IRIT - Univ. Madagascar) hosting :
Applying machine learning algorithms (CNN) on satellite images for annotation and change detection.

15 january 2018

A GPU computing cluster (7 Dell T630 servers with 28 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 TI cards) is available on the Osirim platform. The deep learning frameworks Tensorflow, Pytorch , Theano and Keras can be used on this cluster via Slurm.

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january 2018

Victoria (UPS, INP / IRIT) project hosting
H2020 Project - SEC (Video Analysis for Investigation of Criminal and Terrorist Activities) for the dissemination of large reference corpuses (several Teras) between the different teams in Europe.

10 november 2017

networkx and rpy2 packages are available on the platform for Python versions 2.7.13 and 3.5.2

22 august 2017

Scikit-learn and ngram packages are available on the platform for Python version 2.7.13.

20 july 2017

TreeTagger and TreeTaggerWrapper for Python are available on the platform.
"The TreeTagger is a tool for annotating text with part-of-speech and lemma information. It has been successfully used to tag German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, Portuguese, Galician, Chinese, Swahili, Slovak, Slovenian, Latin, Estonian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Coptic and old French texts and is adaptable to other languages if a lexicon and a manually tagged training corpus are available." (

30 march 2017

Depression (IRIT, LIMSI) project hosting
The aim of the project is to detect depressed people via their posts on social networks by first using CLEF's e-risk collection and other collections.

13 march 2017

Indri and Pyndri are available on the plateform.
"Indri is a new search engine from the Lemur project; a cooperative effort between the University of Massachusetts and Carnegie Mellon University to build language modeling information retrieval tools" (
"pyndri is a Python interface to the Indri search engine" (

27 february 2017

A new version of SLURM is deployed on Osirim. On this occasion, the calculation cluster SLURM has been completely redesigned, as well as the access modalities.

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3 January 2017

The new corpus MS-Marco ( is avalaible on OSIRIM.
MS-Marco (Microsoft MAchine Reading COmprehension Dataset) is a Reading Comprehension Dataset for the Artificial Intelligence research community .