Integration of software elements

You can integrate specific softwares in local or common on the OSIRIM platform provided that they are compatible with the CentOS distribution used for this platform.

- Integration of software elements in local

This integration designates useful software tools for the operation of a single project.

Policy for integration of a new software in local 

The new software is installed by users into the personal space of their project after the confirmation of their request by the project manager.

The software updates on the OSIRIM platform are performed regularly. To avoid the incompatibility problems, it belongs to the project to keep local versions obsolete.

- Integration of common software elements

The "common software elements" designates useful software tools for several projects or for the general platform operation.

Policy for integration of a new common software 

The integration of a new common software on the OSIRIM platform requires that the project manager completes a form and sends it by mail to the responsibles of platform for it to be submitted to the Steering Committee opinion for review.