Hosting a project

A project on OSIRIM platform is a storage space shared between all the users of this project. These users can then test their algorithms or exploit the data according to modalities unavailable on standard hardware.

General conditions

To host a project, you must have a formal collaboration with a team of the Paul Sabatier University and you must also use OSIRIM in respect with its purposes. The following extract of our charter summarizes these purposes:

OSIRIM is a scientific instrument designed to support the indexing and information retrieval in multimedia content in the all fields of IT. It offers a space of mutualisation where the researchers can perform experiments on large volume of data, and exchange their knowledge in order to take benefit from results obtained in other laboratoires.

For the case where it would be proven that a hosted project would not use OSIRIM resources for the purposes set out in the convention, the Steering Committee could decide to cancel the access to the resources stipulated in this convention.

Policy for hosting a project

To apply for hosting your project on OSIRIM, you must first read and accept the OSIRIM charter. Once the charter has been validated, you will be propose to complete a form that shall be addressed by mail to the steering committee of the platform (see the topic "Contact-us").