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Hosted projects on OSIRIM :

SGL Thresh (CERCO - IRIT SAMOVA teams) - March 2020

SGLThresh: Surrogate Gradient Learning of Thresholds.
It is a question of fixing optimal thresholds for a multi-label classification problem. Thresholds allow you to assign a label or not based on continuous probabilities. We want to find the thresholds which minimize a certain cost function by using a gradient descent. The thresholding function being non-differentiable, when calculating the gradient it is claimed that a sigmoid was used instead.

REAM (IRIT ADRIA and MELODI teams) - January 2020

Explicit Reasoning and Learning on Medical Imagery.
The project objective concerns the validation of neural network architecture for the automatic classification of histopathological images, and verification of learning incrementality hypotheses.
This project is part of a thesis on the interaction between the learning system and the explicit reasoning system. The first part of the thesis aims to design an automatic image classifier using deep learning. In a second step, explicit knowledge will be added in the form of ontologies or expert system rules. Thirdly we will develop the interaction between the two systems.

ANITI - DAML (Université Fédérale de Toulouse MIP) - November 2019

Data assimilation (DA) is a proven technique for monitoring a dynamic system through the use of a parameterized representation of its dynamics and physical observations. It is traditionally presented in a Bayesian context.
Supervised Deep Machine Learning (ML) allows for weight-wise label prediction of a neural network using training examples.
The central question for the Chair is: how can we introduce an approximate dynamic into neural networks? Conversely, how can we introduce deep learning in AD to be able to do without dynamics and obtain better algorithms. In both cases, what are the expected performances?
The purpose of the Chair is to propose hybridization algorithms by validating them on physical equations representative of real equations..

Hearvolution (IRIT team REVA - AMIS Laboratory UT3) - October 2019

Identification of positive selection signatures in genes involved in auditory processes at the interspecific scale in human and non-human primates.

Toulous School of Economics - October 2019

GPU parallelization of codes for the study of a discrete choice demand model for food economics.

Nurisens (IRIT Team SIG - INSERM I2MC - Innopsys, Keleo Solutions, Flutilliant companies) - September 2019

The concept is based on a urinary self-test connected to a mobile phone and a data platform gathering anonymised data and achieving data correlations.
IRIT will focus on developing algorithms for the analysis and correlation of both individual and collective data by user groups in order to identify and/or anticipate drifts of nutritional behaviours in the objective of suggest recommendations for nutrition behaviours.

DIAMEN (IRIT Team SIG - CHU Toulouse - ORME Company) - July 2019

Development of a diagnostic aid tool in cardiac scans of nuclear medicine departments.
This involves developing algorithms from Machine Learning and Deep Learning to build an AI capable of predicting sick patients according to different cardiac pathologies. The first architectures developed will be based on convolution neural networks (CNN)

aireps (IRIT Team MELODI - CERCO Laboratory) - May 2019

Analysis of semantic representations, comparison of human and AI representations.

dfo4rl (IRIT Team APO - Lehigh Université (USA)) - May 2019

Development of no derivative optimization algorithms for reinforcement learning.

Neocampus (IRIT) - April 2019

Training of neural networks for smart sensors. First applications: attendance measurements, detection of Asian hornets at the apiary, ...

Flux Doppler (IRIT Team Minds - Université de Tours CHU - April 2019

Measurement of blood flow from Doppler signals by ultrafast acquisition

COOSINET (IRIT SC Team- CNES (Toulouse), Thales (Cannes)) - March 2019

Compression Onboard Of Satellite Images using neural NETworks

Text mining project on scientific literature (IRIT IRIS team - INIST) - March 2019

The project aims to apply text mining techniques (in particular word embeddings) on large corpuses of scientific literature (in the order of 20 million texts on ISTEX, for example)

LINTO (LINAGORA company - IRIT (SAMoVA and MELODI teams) - LAAS - Zelros company - LIX (Ecole Polytechnique - Saclay)) - March 2019

Conversational assistant working in a professional environment

COST ANR Project (IRIT - CLLE (Toulouse), LIG (Grenoble), LIP6 (Paris)) - March 2019

Modelling Complex Tasks in Information Research

Image CLEF 2019 (IRIT - Univ. Toulouse 3) - February 2019

Deep learning for medical data and participation in the CLEF challenge

Callisto CALMIP - February 2019

Tools for Dataset Description

Discourse analysis via clustering methods IRIT - October 2018

The project aims at extracting knowledge from a discourse database and at comparing different methods from supervised classification (neural networks) and clustering (spectral clustering)

Logical Frameworks for Abstract Argumentation (LF2A) (IRIT - CIMI) - May 2018

Deforestation (IRIT - Univ. Madagascar) - February 2018

Applying machine learning algorithms (CNN) on satellite images for annotation and change detection.

Victoria (UPS - INP / IRIT) - January 2018

Projet H2020 – SEC (Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities) for the dissemination of large reference corpus (several Teras) between the different teams in Europe.

Depression (IRIT - LIMSI) - March 2017

The aim of the project is to detect depressed people via their posts on social networks by first using CLEF's e-risk collection and then other collections.

LisTIC (LISST - IRIT - LERASS) - November 2016

Sociological investigation on the uses and media effects of social networking websites (Facebook and Twitter) on personal social networks and online participation during French presidential elections and Brazilian social movements.

Parolothèque (CHU Toulouse - IRIT - IFERISS - OCTOGONE - CLEE - LIA - LPL) - November 2016

The main goal of this project is to establish a body of voice for cancer patients. This corpus can then be analyzed and studied as much from the point of view of its container (speech) as its content (speech). It will develop various research areas and the development of scientific publications in various fields (humanities and social sciences: SHS, epidemiology, linguistics, computer science ...).

MUSK (LISIS) - June 2016

The MUSK Project is dedicated to textual data analysis (Text Data Sciences) with different type of data (texts, microblog, audio and videos) issues from several sources (technical documentation, scientific publications, social media.

Learning to Rank and Best System Configuration (Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès - Université de Montréal - IRIT) - February 2016

From several thousand system configurations that process queries, the goal is to learn the best configuration of a system for a given query. Once learned from a set of examples, the system must be able to handle any new query optimally.

Tweet Contextualization (IRIT - Université d'Avignon) - January 2016

Tweet contextualisation around events.


Meta mining for biomedecine recommandation.

PETASKY (LIRIS - LIMOS) - December 2015

This project deals with the problem of management of scientific data in the field of cosmology, more particularly for the data collected within the framework of the LSST project ( Experiments on data partitioning techniques were conducted on the OSIRIM platform, in the form of Jobs MapReduce.

POLEMIC (IRIT SIG - Departamento de Tecnologías de la Información, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM-Cuajimalpa), Mexico City) - September 2015

Analysis of users' behavior in social networks, in particular the temporal evolution of this behavior through the interactions of the user in his network.

IRIM-at-Trecvid (Consortium IRIM (LIG, LISTIC, LaBRI, CEA LIST)

Experimentation of several French scientific teams as part of their participation in the international TRECVID campaign.


Interactive and intuitive editing and control of synthetic images.

SemDis (CLLE - ERSS  et IRIT)

Creation and evaluation of French distribution bases.


Aggregative data search.


Research IRIT Teams studies on OSIRIM :

SIG Integration, NoSQL, retrieval information, analyzing, mining and visualizing information.

IRIS Indexing and searching for information in large volumes of texts to notably contribute to international benchmarks in information search : TREC, CLEF, INEX, YANDEX ...

SAMOVA Evaluation of tools for indexing musical content, indexing large volumes of international television program recordings.

IMTstat Experimentation of distributed statistical computing techniques for large masses of data.

MELODI Textual corpora analysis and ontologies.

TCI Complex image processing.

Reva Use of mathematical and algorithmic methods for the analysis of multimodal, visual and biological data.

Pyramide Dynamic optimization of large-scale distributed queries.

SMAC Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems.

SIERA Detection of network intrusion & weak signals


Previously Hosted Projects:

: innovation and industrial research on automatic analysis and enrichment of digital, multimedia and multilingual content, hosting tasks placed under the responsibility of IRIT teams.

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